Over the years we have received many wonderful testimonies of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness in the lives of our subscribers.

Please leave a comment below if you would like to share yours.

128 thoughts on “Testimonies

  1. About two months ago I wrote to Pastor Andrew to tell him that my sister and I had received the breakthrough we had been praying for for years. I remember writing to the pastor telling him of our financial struggles and how at times I truly felt like giving up and at times I felt like I was sinking into depression. Both my sister and I had quit our jobs and we couldn’t get any other jobs. I also had a child and it was hard to make ends meet. I felt like God had abandoned us or maybe we were being punished for not having been grateful and just quitting our jobs. We constantly had to borrow money to pay bills. Pastor Andrew reminded me that I had to keep the faith and to continue believing that our time would come when God would answer our prayers. So finally this year amisdt the pandemic and everything seeming like it was falling apart, God came through. Right now am in Germany pursuing a Masters degree. I came without my baby and I kept worrying about how I would get money to bring him here to join me. Then I prayed and I kept the faith. I was honest in my prayer and I told God I really needed money to bring my son to Germany. He answered me. Out of the blues, I got called with a job offer. He has truly made everything beautiful at His time. This was God’s time for me. He has opened my eyes and am reminded even though at times it might seem like everything is going wrong, maybe you feel as if God has stopped listening but He does listen and He will answer you at His own time, the right time and you will understand why you had to wait. Keep believing, your Miracle is coming.

    • Pastor Andrew, I thank you for your prayers. I slept right through the night for the first time since the pain started. God is good, He answers prayers. I give all the glory and honour to Him.
      May you and your ministry be richly blessed.
      Yours in Christ

    • Pastor Andrew, I thank you for your prayers. I slept right through the night for the first time since the pain started. God is good, He answers prayers. I give all the glory and honour to Him.
      May you and your ministry be richly blessed.
      Yours in Christ

  2. Dear Alive to God. Wishing you a blessed year ahead. Wonderful to have our daily thoughts again. I was very ill with covid. My Dr.did not know if I would make it. But Jesus gave me a second chance. Love and blessings. Tersia Schoeman

    • We were diagnosed with covid 19. On 62jr . What a Mighty God we serve. We were with the Lord present daily, we did not allowed fear or doubts. Today we look back Praise unto our God . We both back at work. Totally heeled.

  3. Good day Pastor Andrew,

    Firstly I pray for a fruitful and blessed year for you and your family.

    Your wise words are so very apt at this stage of my life. You so kindly sent me some beautiful words of encouragement when my mother passed away and now you send me “The Lord has a need for me”

    Many year ago I had a business where the contractor could not pay me. After having gone through a very cruel divorce (which lasted 11 years) I slowly build up my little life again. I lost the whole lot after the contractor could not pay me. I was forced to sell all and everything I had and then went caring in the UK.

    I was placed with Dementia/Alzheimer patients for 18 months and received my papers for that too.
    Can you believe how the Lord knew that one day I would use that training again.
    My husband’s parents are moving here to Somerset West from Durban. They have both got dementia.
    We were very blessed to find a cottage on a retirement village next door to our estate – 400 meters from us.

    The Lord has a purpose and a plan…..we can know the joy of being used by God!!!!!
    The Lord really has a plan, sometimes I am blind to them but what you have written Pastor Andrew really hits home.
    I can now use my training to help my husband’s parents……that is His purpose and plan..and …. I am being used by God!!

    Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt, truthful words!

    May the Lord be with you and keep you safe

  4. I give thanks to God Almighty, My siblings, I and all our children spent Christmas together and came back with symptoms of having contracted the disease with one member having tested positive. My husband who had recently buried her sister (due to the virus-related complications) fetched us at my home and immediately started also showing signs of contraction (of which he later tested negative). With the history of my immune system and to contain the spread as a family we decided to isolate and I underwent the quarantine process. Following all the steps possible and taking the medication the matter seemed to worsen, but by Grace through faith-inspired by daily thoughts from Alive to God, the power that brings circumstances to its knees manifested, today I am the living testimony of his undying love, I am healed not only in the flesh but the spirit.

  5. Greetings in Jesus name.

    I just want to thank and praise God for touching my husband on the 06 January 2021 he had tested positive for Covid-19. Its was a different time, but I want to Thank God and the Alive to God team for standing with me in prayer.
    My husband is healed. Jesus is really the way maker.! Trust God and he is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or imagine.

  6. Good Morning Pastor Andrew

    Thank you for the prayers.
    I tested Covid positive on 06/01 and I was not sick but towards the end of second week, I was so sick.
    It crushed my blood pressure but God woke me up.
    He answered my cry indeed.
    So I will never forget my Lord.

    Thank you so much and I want to ask you to give thanks and glory to God with me.

    Kind Regards


  7. Dear Pastor

    On 2018/05/23 you sent out the following message:



    Here is your word for today:

    Verse: Genesis 46:3

    ‘He said, ‘I am God, the God of your father. Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for there I will make you into a great nation.’

    – Following and obeying God’s instructions always leads to blessing.

    – Sometimes He may lead us into places and situations that cause us to doubt and fear.

    – But He says to us: ‘Do not be afraid…’

    – His promises can be fulfilled in unexpected places and in unexpected ways.

    PRAYER: Lord, thank You for Your promises to me. I will trust You and I will not fear. I will follow Your leading and guidance in my life and I will not allow fear to overrule me. Amen.


    The message came at a time of great turmoil in my life and I had very firm ideas of where I wanted my life to head. However, about a week before this message, I was in my (big) boss’ office to discuss some work that our section was busy with . As I turned around to leave, he called me back and asked me if I would be willing to take up a position in Sao Tome and Principe. He was hesitant to ask, as the post came with some restrictions. I agreed without a second’s thought, even though the acceptance would take me in an opposite direction of where I wanted to go.

    My family and friends were very upset as Sao Tome and Principe is definitely an unknown and I would be going alone. Uncertainty set in, despite the sense that I had agreed to go as a result of the Spirit. Then I received your message and I had great peace. I subsequently left for Sao Tome on 30 June 2018 and I have been here ever since.

    Sao Tome is definitely mostly an unknown in South Africa and forgive me if you already know the place. There are two main islands, with the southernmost one’s southern tip sitting on top of the equator. Together the two islands will fit into the Kruger National Park 19 times over. It is spectacularly beautiful and so safe, that I can walk around at night with no danger.

    Spiritually, God has brought me to a place of great rest and peace and the quiet here is very precious to me. Many important things have been resolved for me through the working of the Holy Spirit, not in circumstances, but by God changing me.

    In terms of the pandemic, I could not have wished for a better place to be. I have not been able to travel to South Africa for the past year, as the “regular” route (Sao Tome to Angola to JHB) has not been resumed, and the alternative routes are long and arduous (up to three days of travel), but it is not a burden. I have been able to help family in ways that would not have been an option had I been in South Africa. The population is very small (200 000) and the infection rate is low. And this place is “green meadows” and “peaceful streams” to me.

    To make a long story short, thank you for the right message at the right time! May God continue to bless your ministry and through you, people like me.

  8. Thank you for the daily thoughts and the notes. I have a testimony to share. Last year I realised that I will only survive if I trust the Lord completely. I wrote the word “Trust” on my notepad and stuck it on the fridge.

    I also started doing bible journaling last year and one of the people who sell the printable journalling kits asked if we had a word for 2021. She then personalised a page with our word. Of course my word was trust. There is also a lady who has done journalling pages with the “word of the week”. The first week of January the word was Trust God for your journey. And then I received your notes on Trust

    I believe the Lord is confirming over and over where my hope lies – Trusting in Him.

    May God bless you and your family and your ministry.

  9. Isaiah 46:4

    ‘I will be your God throughout your lifetime – until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you.’

    I smiled when I read my verse for the day. The reason I say that is because I know first hand this to be true. I have had physical challenges my whole life and the Lord has sustained me through them all.

  10. Dear Alive to God
    I will try to keep it short.In 2015 it was like everything just went wrong.On 11/10/2015 my mom were diagnose with lung cancer but my mom were very positive that she will get healed.12/10/2015 my husband lost his job.10 November 2015 I lost my daughter after a short sick bed. Eighty three days later I lost my mom.I was angry at God I couldn’t pray I was just lost.Financially I was in trouble I have to support my family in Klerksdorp and my late daughters son and myself in Sasolburg.At that time I was working in Sasolburg.
    My dad support me through this and the emails I received daily from Pastor Andrew.I start talking to God and get more calm.

    In 2018 we get a new Manager and he send me back to Klerksdorp to work at the depot as a settlement leader.Things change and I couldn’t thank and praise God enough.
    Then it was my birthday January and forms from HR start coming in, you have to go on pension Melany.
    I said God You know my circumstances if its in Your will let them ask me to work on contract and I thank God.
    Friends if I look back everything happened for a reason and was in God’s plan

    Before end of January 2021 my manager gave me a video call asking me to keep on working on contract.
    Believe me I was singing and just praise God telling Him how thankful I am.
    We serve a LIVING GOD.
    Thank you Pastor Andrew for the emails the encouragement and everything.
    God Bless

  11. Thanks so much for your input in my life, pastor Andrew! Thanks for all your inspiring words, all through 2020….!!! The Lord has picked me up again….thanks so much for your prayers for me.

    My consulting room is open again and new clients for 2021 are knocking at my door….!!! Now I know the Lord has heard my prayers and has seen my tears, after everything that I went through during 2020…!!!

    My consulting room was closed for 8 months, due to the pandemic. All the best for you and your family, pastor Andrew…!!! Thank you much for your constant prayers for me & my ministry, here in George, Westen Cape…!!!

    Peace be unto you and your family🙏 Love u, pastor Andrew 🙋

  12. Hi every one im new on the blog, im Hester Fraser from Richardsbay South Africa, just want to share my daugther story about 3 weeks ago about the 2 Feb 2021 she stanp with a lump in her breast, i took her to the dr in nselani clinic, they felt it, and put her on meds the next week she must go back, they phone the state hospital where she must go for scan and xray, the lump grow from 1cm bigger, to and bigger stronger meds was given yesterday she went back, but there no lump in the breast, they phone the dr again he must see this they told wel its gone come back in 6 month time for follow up in this time we prayer that our God Jesus healed her they countd believe wel we serve a living God praise God to be all glory to God

  13. I have got an awesome testimony! GOD IS SO GOOD TO ME!
    I have relocated to Richards Bay staying with my son, 3 generations in 1 house. Nextdoor a 2 bedroom cottage was being built with a little garden and a big tree which is what l have been asking for. From day 1 l kept saying it’s my cottage we contacted the owner he said he was building it for a family member but if it fell through he will let me have it. Everytime we passed it l thanked God for it … TODAY the owner phoned the family member isn’t taking it l can have it at a R1.000.00 lower rental. HALLELUJAH! I can move in on Friday this week if not before. The owner said we can remove part of the wall to have easy access to each other’s homes. Right where the swimming pool is. The owner is busy doing last touches and fitting an aircon etc. I am overjoyed! I give God all the praise, honour and glory! What he has done for me He will do for you too, and much, much more! Just believe and trust Him, He IS able!
    Thank you precious saints for all your prayers! Love and blessings to you all xxx 😘😍🥰💞🙏🏻

  14. Hannatjie Blake:
    Hi all just a little/Big Testamany
    In 2006 I just got divorced moved to a flat, it was raining. I overstep 4 stairs . Whilst hospital God spoke to me to ask for abrace to hold me up. At first the Dr said it would not help , I insisted and was only a young Christian. I was sent home crawled on my knees and arms for a long time as I was paralyzed. I got my life back.
    I was Pre-diabetic in May 2020 I was told to loose weight and stop eating sweets biscuits I only ate Salids, fish and chicken . Lost 20kgs. No longer Pre-diabetic
    Was told I had cancer. I held onto and Trusted God . The result was negative
    I love My Father and will always and ever Hold onto Him. HE IS MIGHTY.

  15. Betsie Herbst:
    During January 2021 my husband contracted Covid at work, Praise God he only had mild symptoms. I actual got very sick as well but tested Negative. At some stage I could not breath, it felt like somebody was sitting on my chest. I had some blood tests done and I had a Bacterial infection in my lungs – symptoms were almost the same as Covid. I took some anointing oil and prayed God’s healing over me, I told Him that I do not accept this illness, He is the great Healer and I believe that He can heal me – He came through in all His Glory. I am so grateful that God answered my prayer and that He would touch me and heal me.

  16. Mia Ericsson:
    Hello Father Andrew 😊
    In these times it is hard to trust and to think positiv but I know that if we do God will lead the way
    I know that because when I desided to do that God gave me Ulf
    For many years I fighted att my work in helth care – day and night to hold on to my job – for 5 years
    They liked me very much and they gave me as much job as possible but because there were no position free I had to work here and there
    After 5 years I got so tired of runing so I had to let go and ask my hart – what to do
    And God said to me take up your dream and be a flower girl
    I was afraid but I let go of my control and desided to trust in God in my hart
    When I came to the flower school there was a signe hanging over the door saing : Bell flower follow your hart
    Then I know I was at the right place
    Thanks to God I found out that when you let go and trust in Him he knows whats best for you
    Later I got my flower certificate and my flower shop and one day Ulf came in to the shop and we fell in love
    We need each other – God knew that
    Ulf was very unhappy when I meet him and so was I and God knew that my place was by his side
    He caled out to me and showed me the way
    I thank God for givning me the strenght to let go and to trust in him and to let him lead me because it changed my life and others lives to
    This little story is my story and it tells me that do not fight against the Lord
    Let him lead you and you will se that he has something nice in his mind for you
    I did and I could never ever have seen this coming for me and what a waste if I had not listened to the Lord
    I am so thankful because now my life has a meaning
    I also had a good life before to but now I know that I am living the life God wants me to live and that I serv God here on earth the way he wants me to
    Just a little story from me to you from my hart
    Take care and pleace follow you hart and may the Lord be with you and your family
    Kind regards Mia 😊

  17. Around the month of October 2017 I decided to pray earnestly about growth in my job and in my life.
    However, in December 2017 I got a letter of redundancy and I became jobless.
    In 2018 I took time to reflect as I sent out several job applications. I received quite a number of job interviews in the area of my expertise but none came through.
    I resulted to praying and seeking for God’s direction in 2019. I sent a prayer request for employment to Alive to God of which I received a prayer that I prayed to and forgot all about it.
    In January 2020 I got an opportunity to attend a job interview and in March I was called in for the job. I worked for two weeks but then we had to close down because of the pandemic. However, God secured my position and am with the organisation to date.
    On the 14th of April 2021 when I was checking my old emails I came across the prayer request I had sent to Alive to God and reading through it made me marvel at the goodness of God.
    God answers prayers!
    I am in a totally new industry and a totally new career path but my soul is enriched.
    To God be the glory forever and ever Amen!

  18. Shanette Groenewald

    Indeed God has been good to me even though i’m going through a lot of challengers for sometime now
    God really came through for me in mysterious ways
    God IS good all the time


    • Our God is good all the time. Miraculously He brought us from India to Australia this month!!
      So many hurdles and testing situations we went through, but God Almighty brought us through them wonderfully as the Israelites went through the Red Sea!!
      We saw His mighty hands bringing us through unimaginable ways!
      All Glory to Him alone.
      His name be praised all the time.
      Thanks to Alive to God for sustaining us by encouraging and reassuring messages.
      Amen and Amen.

  19. Angela Masisi: Dear Pastor Andrew

    I trust that this email will find you well. I have been meaning to write to you and give you feedback about a fertility issue I shared with you in 2019,discussed in this email thread.

    Indeed our God is a promise keeper and way maker!

    After struggling or rather going through a very difficult 4th pregnancy last year 2020, we finally made it by the mercies and faithfulness of God.

    This year 13th February 2021, I gave birth to my miracle baby. A beautiful baby girl called Esther. Despite the doctors worries and concerns… God won the battle for me!!!

    I still can’t believe that I am a mother!! I truly have tasted the goodness of the Lord. Favored has indeed located me and I truly believe that delay does not mean denial. God is always on time.

    Thank you and your team of intercessors, for having prayed for me when I sent you my initial email with the prayer request. God bless you all.

    In His love and service,


  20. I thank God for Pastor Andrew and his team for making God so much real in my life. As I open my eyes in the morning thanking God for to the new day I always look forward to his verse and prayer for the day. This gives me so much joy and confidence as I start my day and makes my day so beautiful. God is so real in our lives I have truly experienced that in my own life.

  21. Merle Long:
    Last December our daughter had a mole cut out of each leg the results came back it was a malignant melanoma. Well in January she had further treatment. They cut out further and more deeper. She was in out of hospital in the meantime I asked Andrew too please pray for her as she has a son who has cerebral palsy and was also going through. Quite a time the other 2 seemed to be handling it ok. Plus the fact that she is divorced. Our life was crumbling. Then last week she went to the oncologist who sent her for more test. Thank God that the cancer was not there. Yes she is still battling with her left leg as it doesn’t seem to want to heal. After 2skin craft which has failed but we put our trust in God and know with continuing praying that she will be healed completely. Thank you Andrew and all who have prayed for her. We give God all the praise and glory Merle

  22. Good Morning Team

    I just want you to share the joy with me, to thank God and sing praises with me.
    My son got the Job on Friday 29/05/21,he is waiting for the offer.
    The Lord answers prayers indeed.
    I just want to thank you for the daily word of God which made us to hold on and building our faith from strength to strength.

    Glory to The Most High.

  23. Good Afternoon Team,

    Fourteen days ago myself and my family tested positive for covid-19. By the Grace of God we got through this and are healthy again. Praise be to Our Heavenly Father! Our prayers go out to everyone struggling with covid-19 and any other illness (mentally or physically).

  24. Dear Andrew

    I just want to give a testimony on how awesome and faithful God is. All glory to Him. My friend has picked up Covid and I was in contact with her on Sunday, 11 June. She was very sick and is not fully recovered but God has been by her side and she is doing much better. I have been praying Jehovah Raffee’s healing over us and my friends who are also sick with Covid. I went for a Covid test today and it was negative. Praise our God. He is our Healer. With HIs blood he has protected and covered me for 15 months against this virus.

    Kind regards


  25. WOW – its awesome. Everybody in our household recovered from Covid. We were all diagnosed on the 02 June. None of us went to hospital. My mom in law 91 years old, my sister in law of 72, my partner of 62, her son of 32 and myself – 52 years old. We believed and prayed for our healing. We had so much family support. God is GREAT. I pray for all. Especially those so cold and hungary out there. I really don’t know how they survive, But if you think about this – it can only be someone far greater than all of us and His interventions.
    We were Blessed to have warm food and a warm bed and of course warm water.

  26. I would like to thank Alive to God
    I sent a prayer request to Pastor Andrew and his team a few weeks ago to pray for my daughter to be placed into a high school next year. I had applied to five high schools and all four declined with only one after having begged them to please out her on the waiting list. Fortunately the school that had her on the waiting list was our first preference. Last week Thursday I was contacted by the school to advise me that my daughters application was accepted for high school next. I am so grateful to Pastor Andre and his team and Glory to our Heavenly Father who have answered my prayers. Thanks be to God. All in his time. Faith!

  27. Good morning all

    Last year, 2020 Oct I applied for a job to a big corporate company my Manager heard about it and reported to our Boss then they made sure that I don’t get the job but I said to myself when God says YES nobody can say NO, I continued to pray and put my trust to the Lord, I applied again this year in June went for an interview and by the Grace of the Lord I got the job and I’m starting in August. Praise the Lord! No one is greater than him.

  28. greetings beloved. Help me to praise the Almighty God, for He is worthy for our praises. i got irritating nose second week of June 2021 which lasted for a week. the following week i had nose block with lasted another week. from there think turned to worse, i got seriously sick to such an extend that the week of 14 July i had to consult the Dr who told me to test for Covid-19. for three not going outside the house but the Lord did it the week of the 18th July, i was healed.

    He did not end there, during the trial time i had to quit my studies because i could not do my 3 assignments (Prerequisite for exam admission) which were due 12 July. I realised that i wont managed because the virus attacked me to such a point i could not focus. My body was very weak. Brethrens, i have never seen a favor like this. On the 21st July I realise the school system is still open which gives me chance to can submit but the problem was that the assignments were not done. I took a step of faith and started the assignments which the Lord kept the system open till 27th July the day i submitted the last assignment. Trust the Lord in whatever trials you might be facing, have faith, He is a faithful God. It is not over until God says so. We serve the living God, Honour and Glory unto Him alone.

  29. Thank! So much Rev for all your prayers….Amen! Now16mths have come.to an end with doctors and all…I say thank U! Dear Lord that U!.stood with me through it all and gave me the husband who has always been with me …oxo

  30. Greetings Pastor,
    Thank you and the team for your spiritual support. It really helped a lot. I’ll be graduating in Basic Custodial Officer, Cert III coming friday, which is a milestone after one of our conversation I mentioned I was need of a Job and prayers last year i believe, which now my family is in a better place and I can now say that I am really blessed I have had that conversation with you and commited to prayer points by alive to God.
    Yours in Christ,

  31. Gooday? Pastor thank you for your prayers.I started searching for a job on Monday, they refused to take my documents because of a testimonial that I did not have.Today when I wake up I start praying and worshipping, the I went to town while on the way I just heard a voice telling me I must not give up I need to go back to that office so I went back, I just kept praying in my heart later he did not ask me the testimonial again he just gave me the test and after I had done he told me he will call me thank God I learnt something today that we cannot give up and just to be strong and praise him through our challenges.God is our last hope.

  32. My husband and I thank your prayer team for their prayers for my daughter and her two daughters. Joanne, (who had heart failure and a heart attack at age 53 in May 2016) is doing very well with heart function now lifted up from 21% to 38%. The specialist has no explanation for it and cannot understand it. Secondly Jamie aged 17 who had to have a heart op as her pulse had been racing at over 200 for a year ever since her mother collapsed, has recovered wonderfully, and was able to write her half year matric tests with a B aggregate! Amy, married and living in Sweden, who was found to have a 7cm blood clot in her arm!! on the same day that Jamie went into hospital had emergency treatment and is fine now.
    God has mercifully answered prayers.He is an awesome God.

    We are all exhausted but God has been so good to us. Praise His Mighty Name.
    Many blessings

    Colleen and Garry Philp

  33. I greet everyone in the name of Jesus. my name is Mildred and am Covid-19 survivor. I contracted Covid-19 in June with mild symptoms. as days went by I started experiencing more severe symptoms and getting weaker by day. I couldn’t even taste the food and was just eating to take my medicines. the day the virus left my system, I nearly didn’t make it. but by the Grace of the Lord, God gave my son Bokang the wisdom to punch me at the back as I was loosing my breath and couldn’t catch my breath/oxygen in. then, I gradually started catching my breath in. I thank God for another chance in life and will always be grateful and cherish every moment of it. thank you pastor and the team for all the prayers and daily thoughts you always sent to us. they really carry us through all the tough and happy times. may the Lord Almighty God continue to bless you and your ministry. Amen

  34. God is Great and good all the time thank you.

    Thank you Pastor Andrew and Team for all your prays.

    I’ve been married for 10years and I have three sons, my husband works in mining areas where he only visited us during breaks time only but times where not really good for us because of distance and others things he do.
    But now I am thankful because Almighty God has hear my cries for giving a new job to my husband that he will finally come home to live with us and work.

    I believe that God’s plans is perfect and His wills are good to us all the time.

    thank you,

  35. In March 2019 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In April 2019 I lost both my breasts. With God’s grace it was in an early stage and I needed no further treatment. In October 2019 my blood tests showed that I was cancer free. Every 6 months I have to go for tests to see if I am still cancer free. This is a very lonely path to walk. On the 25th Aug 2021 it was time for tests again. Sometimes one focus on the problem and take your eyes from God for just a second to long and that happened with me on 24 Aug. When I read the daily message from Pastor Andrew that morning, God was comforting me through that message. I talked to Pastor Andrew and he put me on a prayer list. All the tension and loneliness left me and I felt lighter inside than I did in a long time. Well I am still cancer free. To God all the glory and to everyone that prayed for me, I thank you so very much. May God be with you and bless you every day of your life

  36. Dear Andrew & prayer team,

    I want to give thanks & praise to our wonderful Lord!

    Just had to tell you that my husband Bob had his consultation & they are amazed & happy to tell him that the cancer & tumour has not spread & that everything is stable after 7 months of no treatment. They are saying they don’t need to do anything that they will check him with ct scan in January but to basically get on with his life.

    May 2019 they told him that the tumour in his sinuses was rare & they didn’t think there was anything that would work & he had 3 months to live. Maybe 9 if the chemo & radio therapy helped.

    Oh praise His wonderful name. Jesus was in the boat through the storm we have come out the other side reached the shore where there is healing & miracles!
    Thank you all for your prayers.

    Now I am believing that Bob will one day walk into church singing hymns & get baptised! Together we will serve the Lord.
    So happy,
    Thank you so much.

    In our wonderful name of Jesus,
    Jane kwist

  37. In 2020, I had an endometriosis laparoscopic operation which I’ve had before but this time it complicated and became sceptic. I went into sceptic shock and all my vitals dropped. I spent 3 weeks in ICU under critical condition. Post that I have been on the road to full recovery. It hasn’t been easy however every day I am grateful to God for the beautiful gift of life. I didn’t die because God still has a purpose for my life. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and upset and ask God “why me?” As I feel the weight of this journey too much but the majority of the time I’m grateful to be alive. I choose life, I choose to be positive and to thank God for His mercies.

  38. Aloysius Nathan

    My Testimony.
    My name is Bro Aloysius I come from Catholic Background,iam Born Again Spirit Baptized By his Grace and Mercy God saved me and chosen me ( Eph 2:8& John 15:16), Please Forgive me if any spelling mistake in Writing, Every human being in this world has dark Corner in the eyes, the Dark corner in the eyes does not mean mole it patch that is Hiding away from sins, I did all sins in my life except murder, I was real hypocrite and Alcoholic, I was working on the Drilling Rig in Gulf, 20 yrs back when I came back from Gulf at that time there was a Sandal wood smuggler has kidnapped a movie Actor for demanding for money, so when I came down for my Holiday ( my days off) all the wine shops were closed as he was well know movie Actor I was getting desperate for Consuming Alcohol, so I went to Church to pray to get Alcohol from Jesus Christ, the church was closed in front of Crucifixion I was praying to Jesus Lord I have come to you please provide me Alcohol , I was praying with faith, I went on to Ask for another spirit ( Alcohol) in return by his Grace and mercy BAPTIZED ME WITH HOLY SPIRIT, most precious valuable Gift received from Almighty God, after my prayer I went to my friends house, asking him to provide liquor he said how he would provide since all the wine shops are closed, he had pity on me he said he would try to smuggle from back door, some how he managed to get to mini bottles and I paid him, he said not to show the head Again, so I took this two mini bottles went to my Wife Boasting my self that I am great I can do anything in this world, my wife was shouting at me and said, that I will never change in my life, I replied if Jesus doesn’t show mercy I cannot do anything, so my 15 days of holiday was finished next day I was thinking how should go to ask drinks, from Jesus again I was feeling Guilty, I controlled my self ,and called friend of mine for enquiring for new drilling contract, he said no new contract he said he is going for 1 week retreat, I said to him please Book tickets for me and my wife and little daughter, I felt no peace ,joy and frustrated in my life so when I went to this Retreat it was very different for me because I never knew any thing about word of God and truth, I said to the Lord I will buy Bible and read, every day I use to write the verse Bros we’re Teaching, there was power pulling toward the Cross, Every thing seems to be charging, the cross was before and the world was behind, this is my Turning point on the 5 the day there was Anointing of The HOLY SPIRIT PRAYER, so every body getting ready for the Prayers, the Prayer started I said to the Lord from depth of my Heart I don’t know who is HOLY SPIRIT what is all About all I know I am a sinner with all sins hidden inside me please come inside me, purify me make me a new person I was asking for God’s mercy clinging on for God’s favor at that time the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT came upon me, and TRANSFORMED me I was crying, uncontrollable tears, the same light which Beamed upon Paul came upon me, my Spiritual eyes was opened to the truth, there was no Rev, Dr, pastor or priest, Jesus Christ revealed the truth to me all my sins we’re crucified ( Gal 2:20)
    I am true witness for the Lord Jesus Christ ( Acts 1:8) so we are chosen by God to do his will, and live transparent life 100%, so we focus more on Christ high standard Teaching and APOSTALIC DOCTRINE, so I wish let us work together for the GLORY OF GOD Building up his Bridal church (Eph 4:1-6), rest waiting to hear from your side
    With love
    Bro Aloysius
    Disciple of Jesus Christ!

  39. Thank you so much for this encouragement today. I have had major surgery 3 months ago and am recovering well. Your encouragement from Gods word has been such a blessing.God has been teaching me to trust Him each step of the way. He is faithful.
    God Bless you

  40. God’s grace is unfathomable – 6 days ago I had (I guess what I can call) a close call.  I was out in the mountains with my husband, on the farm of a friend, where we regularly go looking for crystals (and mostly, enjoying the quietness and splendour of nature).  After having sat on my cushion scratching around looking for crystals in a small pocket I’d found, I got up to stretch my legs, and walked around for about 15 minutes.  When I got back, I sat down on the cushion again, had something to eat and then decided to continue.  I thought that perhaps I should open the pocket more in the direction of where I was sitting, because the best crystal I had found that morning was in the opening closest to me, so perhaps the pocket extended in that direction.

    Instead of getting up again to move backwards, I simply stretched my left hand backwards, lifted myself off the cushion and simultaneously pulled the cushion backwards with my right hand, before sitting down on it again, my feet apart so I could look for crystals in the pocket right in front of me.  Looking to the front again, I saw a small snake lying in an s-shape, right between my thighs, about 10 cm from my body, and it started sailing towards me.  It was a berg-adder!  They’re quite poisonous, and people bitten by them usually go through agony for about 3 weeks, and often end up on a ventilator for a while.  

    While I was walking around, it was probably disturbed (unknowingly) by my husband who was moving rocks, looking for more crystal pockets, about 10 meters from me.  It had probably taken refuge under my cushion, and I then sat down just behind it (because it was not injured) but the pressure of the foam cushion (with me on it) possibly immobilized it while I sat on it.  I thank God for His grace, because I could easily have been bitten after I’d moved the cushion.  Although it was only a small / young snake (about 1 cm in diameter and roughly 20 cm long), it was still poisonous.  So easily it could’ve gone into the outer casing of my cushion, ending up in our vehicle or home! We took a picture of it, then checked on internet to confirm the specie – there’s no doubt that it was, indeed a berg-adder!

    I believe one day we’ll be astonished to see how often God had protected us, without us even being aware of it!

  41. Good morning.  My son has received his test results and I’m glad to say that he qualifies to write the exam.  All glory to our most High God. He is indeed the Giver of good and perfect gifts.  Thank you Alive to God family for standing in prayer with me

    I am convinced that because He is the same yesterday ,today and forever ,He healed the Lepers, the woman with the issue of blood, the blind man,etc. He will HEAL the ‘Accounts issue’. The Accounts Exams will NOT be an issue again. All the people Jesus HEALED didn’t fall sick again. God bless you all

  42. Good Afternoon,My son was busy writting exams at the Unverisity and he called me after writing the second subject.He was in shattered and heartbroken and believed he failled the subject,this is his final year in B.A.Law and this was one of the important subjects.As a mother that is 1500km away from your son you feel the pain to .I prayed and ask Pastor Roebert also to keep my son in prayer . Everyday I prayed and ask God to intervene .I did not accept the fact that the devil wants to steal my son’s hard word and joy ,I claimed it back 1000 folds .Yesterday he sent me a message ‘MA i PASSED ‘I called him and told Him That God never leave nor forsake us in our hour of need .We as human beings easily forget to say thank you to our Father .TODAY THANK YOU FATHER FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS ,WE LOVE YOU …..Amen

  43. Good afternoon
    About a month ago i had my email update from Pastor Robert. We were talking about this huge thing Covid, and that is wheN. i realized how blessed i am. My sister had Covid with the very first wave, and this was so unfamiliar to us. We were so scared and cried for days, but the Lord is Good. He carried her trough this illness. Up until today i can say we have not had to bury any of my family members, from near or far due to Covid. THE LORD IS ALMIGHTY!!!
    Protected by Psalm 91 , always!!

  44. Elize:
    Good morning Pastor TX for 2 day’s word. We DO TRUST HIM IN ALL WE DO we are on the road from PTA 2 PLETT and back HE TOOK CARE of use through thousands of km God bless you and your team always with respect elize

  45. Ennert Lipikwe:
    Genesis 28:15b

    ‘I will not leave you until I have done all that I have promised you.’

    – The Lord has undertaken never to leave, abandon or forsake you.
    – HE says to you: ‘I will not leave you!’
    – His plan is to make good on all His promises to you.
    – His purpose with your life is to complete all that He has started.

    PRAYER: Lord, Your constant involvement in my life fills my heart with hope and expectation. I will be confident in the fact that Your presence and Your purpose will never be removed from my life. Amen.


    This verse has been my anchor from 8th November 2021 till today.
    Since we read it as a devotion for that day,I shared to my friends and family, I meditate on it a deep way that the Lord has promised us that ” He will not leave us” until all the promises are done . I was very much encouraged and I talked with my husband over it…though the year is going to an end but I still trusting and believing in him that he will fulfil all his promises upon my life…
    Very encouraging friends and family lead it again and again our God is always faithful to see us through it may not be today but his promises will always be fulfilled….
    Thanks pastor Andrew Robert for your daily devotions are not in vain….but God is doing something through you….
    Have a blessed Christmas….

  46. Morning Pastor Andrew – HOLD UNTO HIS HANDS

    What a powerful message. I am sitting reading this notes and with tears in my eyes
    i recall last year the same time when i was in hospital with covid. I nearly didn’t make it for the
    second time.

    I believe it was the time that i needed the Lord the most that i prayed to him while i
    was in a coma. I saw a pathway and a green statue but from the side a person praying.
    I asked the Lord to take my hand and never let me go. A few times i saw the statue all
    the time and i know that the Lord was with me.

    On the wall outside my room i saw the message on the wall. The Lord’s covenant prayer.
    I just prayer Lord i believe in you. I know a can trust you too never leave me.
    When i woke up eventually there was no such writing on the wall. Also the statue
    was there all the time till they moved me to a ward. I asked my friend who is working
    at the hospital to take a picture for me and she said there was never a statue at all.

    I google the Lord’s covenant prayer and also looking the statue can’t find it anywhere.
    Thanks for all the daily messages and notes. My friends and family really enjoy it.

    The scripture reading Isaiah 41:13 will be my new scripture that i love dearly.
    Blessings Christina

  47. I’ve received daily scripts now from Pastor Andrew for years, and been sending it on to people I know, hoping that maybe the messages passed on could help when needed.
    One of the people I send it on to, is my mom. She is past her retirement age but still has to work and has a lot of problems with her health. But even though at times she would complain when it gets too much, she never has this get her down where she would just sit and give up.
    One day we were talking about hardships and she told me that at times she feels that the daily scripts I send to her was written for her for that specific day, as she got the message she needed for the issues she had to deal with at the time. I never thought that it made such an impact on her life as it has me, as I felt the same way a lot of the times.

    I am blessed with a 2 and half year old son that is my everything, and we travel quite a lot. Driving is a pleasure, but unfortunately the roads here are dangerous and there are so many horrible accidents that I am scared of what could happen to us. But to date, every time I climb in my car – whether it be long distance or even to the shop, I pray. I pray the whole way for protection, and here I am today still… Alive and able to play with my son still.. And all because of His grace and protection.

    Being thankful for grace is not enough.. You have to thank our Lord personally.
    And for people like Pastor Andrew that, even through hard times of their own, still manages to keep our faith strong.

  48. I had to undergo major surgery on 11 Feb 2022 and was mentally not prepared of the outcome, BUT!!! On 4 Feb the word of the day was from Isaiah 58:8 ‘My favour will shine on you like the morning sun, and your wounds will be quickly healed. I will always be with you to save you; My presence will protect you on every side’. I took that and owned it. The Lord is great and worthy of praise. 10 days after surgery I was up on my feet and the Dr amazed. Yes, the wounds are still healing and yes, there are still treatment to come, BUT!!! Praise the Lord, for He is good to me. I can see His hand in my life. His favour is shining on me!

  49. Thank you, Pastor and team, for the messages you send daily. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for conveying to me the inspiration that is to be found in these messages – they are based upon God’s inerrant and infallible Word .I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour when I was 12 years old, and celebrated my 86th birthday yesterday, My life has consisted of pastoral ministry, High School teaching, Bible Institute lecturing and student supervision at Seminary level. God has blessed me abundantly in it all. To God all the glory!!

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