Over the years we have received many wonderful testimonies of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness in the lives of our subscribers.

Please leave a comment below if you would like to share yours.

37 thoughts on “Testimonies

  1. God has been very good to me in the sense that I have had a water bill for two months in a row which is twice my normal amount.My brother offered to pay the first months Bill ,Thank God and then the following month,same story,but ived decided to make a small loan to settle that debt. I was asked to host a table for a fund raiser event at a Hightea on the 24th September and although I had almost no cash to provide the eats and décor that’s required for this event, I willingly agreed to help my friend out in doing so.Amazingly somany people offered eats towards my hightea table and basically everything I needed ive been given by colleagues and friends. On that day out of 20 tables , My name was called out for the BEST TABLE and I WON R5000.Talk about ”favour” I want to give God all the Glory and Honor for this.I cannot explain to you how I felt at that very moment ,because somany thoughts rushed through my mind, the goodness and favour of God , the fact that I believe God knows my heart and my needs,the fact that God came through for me at my time of need ,just made me very emotional .

  2. I can feel the power of Holy Ghost since you pray with me. All darkness that has surrounded me start to disappear

  3. WOW

    God is a faithful God. He plans everything according to our needs .

    My home had become a battlefield between me and my Son for so long and it was hard for us to communicate.

    I am in the process of reading the New Testament Year plan called Outreach new Testament with a couple of colleagues at work. It so happened that on Tuesday we read Matthew 17. Jesus telling his disciples that some kind of affliction cannot cast except by fasting and prayer.

    I decided to Fast yesterday Wednesday and I prayed and I prayed and I trusted God . When I got home I went into my room and I closed the door and I challenged the devil and I made my room a battlefield .

    At that moment God also prompted a Pastor friend outside the country send a voice note prayer praying for my Son.

    I then left for Life group.

    When I got back home my Son had called his friend to mediate between us and we sat and we talked and issues that were dating back to when he was 10 years old surfaced.

    We talked , we healed

    We slept at 2 am this morning.

    And then your word Psalms 46 vs 9 ……………………HE CAUSES WARS TO END………….

    I DECLARE AND DECREE THAT MY HOME IS NOW A HOUSE OF PEACE. The war is over. I thank God for healing .


  4. Thank you Pastor

    Through your daily guidance I have come to know the Lord in a very special way.
    Today I was as delivr d from something beyond human understanding and d flared free, I am free indeed
    Praise Our Almighty God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit whom have carried me over almost a year

    Thank you and Bless your work and you and your family

    Peter Huysamen

  5. Dear Pastor Andrew


    I need to share something with you this morning.


    I have been following Pastor Andrè and Pastor Jennie on Faith Now. They have been teaching us about sowing a seed and our 10th. Well for the 1st time in my 60 years I sowed my seed by paying our 10th to our local church on Saturday and look what happened since then.


    I completed cross word puzzles and got a phone call yesterday(Monday) and was told that I have won a crossword dictionary!!!!!

    Today (Tuesday) I received a message that an amount of R4953.61 was paid into my home loan!!!!!!!


    I feel so BLESSED!!!






    Kind regards


    Sharon Bezuidenhout

  6. Harry:
    Hi Andrew. I’ll make it as short as possible. A lady on Facebook invite me to whattsapp. She was raped by a police reservist and are HIV positive. She got engaged and she were honest about it. He accepted it. Later he started abusing her, made her drunk and raped her again. He were a alcoholic. After months of prayers, on a Sunday after church she texted me. He asked her to buy him his own bible as he is English. She bought a bible and his life changed. Prayers is when we talk to God, to read the Bible, God talks to us.
    Thank you.

  7. Thank you so much for the daily verses love reading them i am currently doing a discipleship course and what i am learning is amazing it is only during the lockdown that i have found my way back to GOD and it is amazing i see things through different eyes

  8. My car was stolen on 27 June 2020 and it was recovered within an hour. It was just stripped inside as they could not find the tracker. To God be the glory and the honour. God protects under difficult circumstances.

    Let us keep on trusting God and never lose hope.

  9. I was looking for a new job and got it but only after I completely handed my situation over to God. I had to let go of “stuff” that was binding me, including living in His word.

    Only after I did this and completely handed over to God did I get a call and a job offer – during this time.

    I praise His name – Jesus Lord of Lords.

  10. God is Good all the time i was in a coma for 8days with pneumonia and stayed in hospital for 5 weeks to recover my son said mum that was the worst time of his life but when i came out of my coma i called his name Aaron and that was the most wonderful day he said
    So I know the Lord was with me all the time
    Thank Jesus I give all the honour and the Glory

  11. Hie am am 24,lost my parents @2yrs ov age buh due to luck ov help & peer pleasure I got pregnant @ 16 & the guy dumped m I gav birth God blessed me wt Cutie twins boy & a girlbt life was very tough my baby boy was diagnosed sickle cell anaemia but thank God He was ther go us

    Being a little mum life was hard for me to provide for my kids I left them @ the age ov four (wth my baby Dad’s mum)came to Capetown for work

    I worked so hard & i archive some ov my dreams,I told myself not to have a man here but after a year & half I was Deceived by a certain guy He proposed me after all the wedding staff was ready he dumped me
    Left me broken & during lockdown I wasn’t working,he treated me like a trash broke my heart & cancel everything ..he said I have no future coz am I wasn’t working..I told him my future is in God’s hand

    I prayed to God asked for forgiveness & disconnect me wth him & to break every bond we shared,but God dd’n leav m whr He found m thou I gave him reasons to go..& He gave me perfect & bring joy to my broken hearted

    & Last Thursday I received a call from my boss said I must go back to work & am working up to now thank U pastor andrew for your verses God is speaking to me thru u & the verses are similar to my current situation To God be all the glory

  12. Hi Andrew

    I sent in a prayer request for my son who was unemployed and was retrenched I emailed Pastor Andrew in May to please pray for a job for my son,To God be the Glory my son got a contract for 6 months and started the 1st July God is good thank you Pastor Andrew and team.
    Believe my brothers and sisters prayer works God Bless you Pastor.

  13. My God is AWESOME..my mom fell and broke her femur bone..she had to undergo surgery and I asked for prayer..she is 89 years old..the operation was successfull..even the doctors were surprised that it went so well, and because of her age..she is a very strong woman but my God was totally in control😊🙏..we are now praying for a speedy recovery..another testimony..a few months ago my son Kurt lost his job ..I asked for prayer..within 2 months he received his dream job🙌 he is so so happy..he cant thank God enough ..my eldest son Marvin was a little despondent because of the fact that he didn’t get his full salary due to this virus..we prayed ..and lo and behold…he got a promotion and also in the position he wanted to be in..we still cant believe he received a promotion during this trying time and he also cant thank God enough …Prayer is oh so powerful ..all Praises to our Lord Jesus..there IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS

  14. I have been receiving and sharing the word sent by Pastor Andrew for over 12 years now.

    Many lives have been blessed and touched by Pastor Andrew’s restless mission in spreading God’s word.

    His word has been reaching people from Angola all the way to the United States.

    I have been truly blessed in many ways, too many testimonies to share not enough time nor space.

    I just want to thank God for Pastor Andrew and pray that God continuously blesses your life, family and ministry.

  15. Hi Pastor

    Your daily scriptures and prayers have made my faith so strong and each time I pray to God I have so much faith in him that he will answer my prayers and he has always answered my prayers.

    Here I am testifying his great love for me when I was so worried about my job but God has answered our prayers and offered me more than what I prayed for and expected. His grace is sufficient indeeed.

    He keeps on doing great things for me. May his name be praised all the time 🙏🙏🙏.

  16. I LIKE TO thank God because I don’t remember how I get into these daily Bible scripts. I also thank Paster Roebert for making me grow day by day in TRUSTING God. And I have seen things happened to me, my family that shows me that God is always with us, protecting us. Lot of people have died from this CORONA VIRUS, but we are still alive not because we are better than others but because of hiss mercy. Thank you Lord for being so protective.

  17. Dearest Pastor Andrew
    Trust you well in Jesus … Amen!!!
    Gods good all the time , during this time when all is not going well in this world , this is when the Lord tests our little mustard seed faith that moves mountain’s .I am so glad to know Jesus and at the same time we have people praying over you … I feel so blessed to know .I have a God who is more than enough , during this time of the pandemic no fear or doubt has come near me , I said to the devil take your virus and go to hell in Jesus name I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and I need not fear … my God is not a God of fear , Amen to that …. I Raise A Praise Offering To Jesus Our King. Bless the Lord Amen !!!!

    Thank You
    Stay Blessed

  18. Good morning Pastor Andrew,

    I thank God for you and always pray that He Continuously bless and strengthen you. Thank you also for sharing the word of God with me and my family, I must say it has changed lives positively and I also share it daily on social media platforms and when I don’t share I get calls or messages requesting it which tells us that the move of God is evident.

    My marriage failed but God is still on the throne. My fiancee left us and got involved with another woman when I was 5 months pregnant last year. I thank God for strength and peace that I continue to be strong throughout the pregnancy and gave birth last year October to a healthy and handsome boy who is turning 10 months on the 17th August. I also thank you for the word as it kept me going and reminded me of who God is in my life never mind the circumstances.

    I have healed from all the pain and in a very happy state with my 2 boys born on the same day and months how great our God is, whilst I was pregnant I passed the 40 weeks term and started getting worried . I then called my Dr and he scheduled a caesarean as I started panic and 2 days before the planned date on his brothers birthday Khudiso was born. The plans of God are bigger than what we always think or imagine, God knew that He planned that both my sons are born the same date and month and little did I know of that blessing. Khumo (Wealth) born 17-10-2009) will be turning 11 years on the 17th October and Khudiso ( Expansion born 17-10-2019) 1 year on the 17th October.

    Through it all God has Expanded my Wealth in Tswana we say Modimo o godisitse khumo yaka !

    God bless you and your family richly!

    Kind regards,

    “Psalms 1 verse 1-6 my declaration “

  19. I Want to thank Paster Andrew for supplying daily verse as Manna for my spirit. God is our refuge and strength. During this pandemic time when things look so bleak, we can look up to our creator God for our daily needs and protection.
    All glory to Him alone.
    Thank you for your daily verse that act as an encouragement for each day. I am sure many are blessed through your ministry.
    God bless your ministry immensely.

  20. Hi Pastor and Team

    Like I said in the email, last night I was on N2 road, in Cape Town when I lost control of my car and rolled three times at high speed. I remember when I realized that I am actually rolling, I called out God! God! God!. I din’t say much, but yelling His Name believing in my heart that He has the power to save me. The car finally came to a stop with the radio still on. I came out of the with a pain on my left thigh, but I was on my feet with no broken bones, or head injuries.
    The car is finished, people don’t believe I came out of that car, and I just tell them “It’s because I called out to God”.
    Last night, I was put in a position where I had to trust Him with everything I am, and He came through, proving Himself that He is an amazing God.
    I Thank Him, I glorify Him with all that He made me

  21. good morning my pastor thank you for praying with us my husband is well he is out of hospital ,we thank Dr JESUS for healing my husband may GOD continue to use you, indeed you are a blessing .

    from MRS P Makola

  22. Good morning Pastor,

    I had this encounter with a man who rapes me in my dreams , each time this man rapes me I woke up and pray. I fasted but each and every time after some days it appears again . as I was reading my daily devotion inside me a small voice said to me that I have to ask Pastor for prayers and I wrote to Pastor with tears running in my eyes. that same day in the afternoon around 16:00 hrs. I felt like a heavy load was removed from my shoulders and I stated praising God that I am FREE. I reached home and I was in Praise for the whole night thanking God of my Deliverance . I am FREE !!!! I ma FREE!!!!!! indeed and I am delivered . I am still using the Prayer points that Pastor sent me and I woke up at Midnight to pray .


  23. Hi Andrew,

    God has certainly been faithful to me. I was stood down without any pay from 30th March. Initially it was 3 months, now it’s going for 6 months. God has been faithful to me. He provide me with 6 months contract job, in a different town, about 120kms away. I praise God for His provision and His timing. Because He also pulled me out of my previous house and the whole area. That area has become a hotspot with the Covid virus and there’s many who had been effected.

    God’s love, His faithfulness to me and His protection over me, is what I am so grateful for.

    The job which He has blessed me with, was a job in the hospital kitchen, managing the supply of Food for the elderly and the sick. A similar job which I had done in New Zealand for 13 years. It’s also a job which is not stressful. It’s also an answer to my prayer. I have always wanted to serve the sick and the elderly. I just pray that this job will become permanent for me, so that I can serve our God in through the sick and the elderly. Our God had given me so much of peace, in this place where I am living.

    I am learning Bowen Therapy, and He has created a way for me to practice Bowen on His children around here. Praise God for that too.

    Andrew, our God is certainly listening to me and answering my prayers, in His timely manner. I pray I could be faithful to Him every day and continually seek Him and His face and His will for my life.

    Praise God for His many blessings, knowingly and not knowingly with I have been receiving..

    Thank you Andrew for allowing me to post on this site.

  24. I woke up this morning not knowing how we were going to feed our family, my 13year daughter told me to have faith God would provide, I could not see how but he did. Later in the day a friend of mine out of blue deposited money into my account. God keeps his promises. We serve an awesome God!!!!

  25. 23 September 2020


    Thank you for praying for my daughter.

    I would like to thank Pastor Andrew and Intercessor .The past three weeks I requested prayer for my daughter who underwent a series of interviews for a job position at one of the big companies in Johannesburg. She went through the process (3 face to face interviews and a psychometric test) which according to her was smooth because of the prayer warriors who were standing in her gap. Friday Last week on the 18th September 2020,, she was informed that she got the job. She will start on 1st November 2020.

    She is very grateful and as a family we are praising God for his grace through your prayers as the interviews were not easy on her own.

    Thank you very much for your commitment to pray for my daughter and others. God bless you abundantly.

  26. Hi Andrew it’s my birthday today and when reflecting back I realized that I am so grateful for all the blessings that I have received this far. My dad’s also been in hospital since 18 Aug but God is good and we have been blessed with good people in our lives.
    I am truly thankful for the Lord’s blessings, grace and mercy in my life as well as in my families life’s.


  27. We serve a wonderful God Almighty. In lockdown the Lord allows us to meet the Father’s heart. We spend quality time. Thank you for a Mothers and Father that prayed daily for their children. My son went out with friends drinking . The earlier morning 4h00 they stopped at a garge to buy some grand pa powder. As from the otherside a men walked to meet him took his hands ask if he may pray for him arrogantly my son said no only my mom praying for me. That moment the man started pray in tongues and pointed out my sons sin and told him it have to stop immediately. My son heard the Lord is speaking to him not the person, he started to cry 41jr years old and gave his heart with the friends around him to the Lord . His face was shining after receiving the hand off the Lord. He invited the man to his house find out this was a Pastor who pray for him. Glory to God Almighty, my son will never be the same.

  28. I have been trusting God for a role in HR. Didn’t think that in 2020 a job would open up and that I would get this role without even being qualified for it! God has proved that he is faithful and that he does indeed qualify the unqualified! Without an HR qualification and experience, I am proud to share that I have been announced as EMEAI HR Partner for Finance/Legal/Public Affairs & Govt Affairs. I am in awe of
    God! We have bee trusting for a new season as a family and didn’t think a new job in a new country is what it would turn out to be. Never stop believing! With God, we can truly do all things and we never fail! Continue to trust and believe and things work out in the end. Thankful for all the prayers and support!

  29. Sent: Wednesday, 30 September 2020 9:53 AM
    To: Andrew Roebert
    Subject: RE: Notes: MEETING WITH GOD

    Dear Pastor Andrew

    Thank you so much for your daily messages. Today we read the below testimony from one of your followers. It touched us both how He works in our lives, and teaches us to be patient and to trust in His timing – an example is plain to see in his testimony.

    We echo the Lords timing and His teaching us to take one day at a time:- We had our house up for sale for 1 ½ years, without any success or offers to purchase. It was a beautiful cottage, not big but very comfortable with magnificent mountain views and a flourishing garden that from bare sand, was transformed by our Father God over 7 years, to a splendour of colour. We did not want to sell, but due to our financial predicament coupled with the lockdown and thus without any income since Feb 2020, we had to sell.

    Our faith was tested fully and although we should have been nervous wrecks, we were calm knowing that the Lord would take care of our situation – in spite of it looking as we might have to declare insolvency – we decided that if this was the Lords way to teach us a lesson, we would make peace with that. Our accountant washed his hands off us as (I believe) we did not follow his recommendations in June of sequestration but rather we stood fast and trusted in God delivering us from this perilous situation.

    A month later in the middle of lockdown on July 2020, we received not one but two potential buyers! And furthermore neither of them had to apply for a loan – they were both cash buyers!

    Praise our Father God in all His glory. The sale went through and we paid 90% of all our debts AND managed to have some funds left over to buy a small piece of land which we will develop one day when we are able. In the meanwhile a very generous and caring friend whose husband passed on a while back offered her (second) house to us at a very reasonable rental. We are presently living here and working from home awaiting for the tourists to return to SA.

    This without a shadow of a doubt, was God working in our lives. We are saved by Grace, and this not of our own doing, but because of what our savour Jesus Christ did for us, Praise God. It goes without saying Andrew that we prayed continually and took communion on a regular basis, thanking our Heavenly Father in advance for His hand in our lives. It does not take boldness, courage, or wealth to get through in a fallen world, rather it takes Faith and Love for our Father and Believing in His Son, Jesus Christ.

    Have a lovely day and keep up the good works of spreading Gods love,
    Bless you,
    Geoffrey & Vanessa

  30. I would like to thank the good Lord Jesus Christ for touching Pastor Andrew and others that prayed for my promotion at work,
    May they surely continue to do the Lord’s work and may he bless them abundantly

  31. Thank you Pastor for today’s word of God.

    The Lord has heard my prayers and the Lord has opened a Job opportunity for me that suits my lifestyle and personality which I prayed for a very long time.

    I have been through so many rough patches the past two and half years that I gave myself over to liquor and stress. Every single time the Lord brought me back ( according to me a normal person with my drinking habits should have died many years ago). What amazes me is that after sobering up for the 100th time, when I went for my blood tests not a single organ showed any sign of damage – different doctors say they do not understand and were amazed because they know my history. So i was thinking to myself but this is strange – at least should i have some liver damage – but none.

    So many times I could / should have been dead due to very very close accidents that were supposed to happen.

    Then I prayed very hard and the Lord gave me the clarity to realise that I can not put my wife and daughter through what I went through when I was at school and all the bad things that happened to me during my childhood. All my friend are drinkers – so i thought do i really need those kinds of influence in my life.

    Now sobering up for nearly a month everything is falling in place. I had so many many job opportunities but every single time there was just something not right about the circumstances.

    My wife and daughter are a gift from the Lord in all senses of the word. Every time my wife gives me advice it pans out.

    That saying that says when you lose everything and the Lord will give you much more and make you stronger can not be more true.

    I just wanted to share this with you Pastor because I really take value in the daily word of God you send out every morning.


    O yes just one thing – it would be nice to receive the word of the Lord on Saturdays and Sundays. Okay i know you also need to rest – ha ha – i tried.

  32. I have experienced GOD in a very special way.You once gave me a word from our LORD “Tell my Shirley I am going to bless her with many gifts ” Ed and I moved into Wilgers retirement village. Family and friends bought new lounge sweet, carpet ,towels,bathroom mat ,bed spread ,to mention some of the gifts.Did our move ,unpacked for us .We were instructed to remain on the plot.” We were only moved on the Monday ” . . . Garden beds also taken care of .The soil was hard and no garden ,was on property. To have received such treatment from family and friends was so so wonderful. . . And I remembered what you sent mr The Lord is going to bless me with many gifts.

  33. Reggie Heyburgh:
    Pastor Andrew Robert I’m living proof that God was with me from the time the guy put our furniture on the pavement I prayed that God must give me the strength and I will work and buy me a house that no man will ever do that again to me and that’s I can honestly say that God was with me I got my house and I’m 72years old so I say prayers do get answered from God. Amen to that God. In Jesus name Amen

  34. Dear Alive to God. Wishing you a blessed year ahead. Wonderful to have our daily thoughts again. I was very ill with covid. My Dr.did not know if I would make it. But Jesus gave me a second chance. Love and blessings. Tersia Schoeman

  35. I have got an awesome testimony! GOD IS SO GOOD TO ME!
    I have relocated to Richards Bay staying with my son, 3 generations in 1 house. Nextdoor a 2 bedroom cottage was being built with a little garden and a big tree which is what l have been asking for. From day 1 l kept saying it’s my cottage we contacted the owner he said he was building it for a family member but if it fell through he will let me have it. Everytime we passed it l thanked God for it … TODAY the owner phoned the family member isn’t taking it l can have it at a R1.000.00 lower rental. HALLELUJAH! I can move in on Friday this week if not before. The owner said we can remove part of the wall to have easy access to each other’s homes. Right where the swimming pool is. The owner is busy doing last touches and fitting an aircon etc. I am overjoyed! I give God all the praise, honour and glory! What he has done for me He will do for you too, and much, much more! Just believe and trust Him, He IS able!
    Thank you precious saints for all your prayers! Love and blessings to you all xxx 😘😍🥰💞🙏🏻

  36. Hannatjie Blake:
    Hi all just a little/Big Testamany
    In 2006 I just got divorced moved to a flat, it was raining. I overstep 4 stairs . Whilst hospital God spoke to me to ask for abrace to hold me up. At first the Dr said it would not help , I insisted and was only a young Christian. I was sent home crawled on my knees and arms for a long time as I was paralyzed. I got my life back.
    I was Pre-diabetic in May 2020 I was told to loose weight and stop eating sweets biscuits I only ate Salids, fish and chicken . Lost 20kgs. No longer Pre-diabetic
    Was told I had cancer. I held onto and Trusted God . The result was negative
    I love My Father and will always and ever Hold onto Him. HE IS MIGHTY.

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