Over the years we have received many wonderful testimonies of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness in the lives of our subscribers.

Please leave a comment below if you would like to share yours.

128 thoughts on “Testimonies

  1. Since the beginning of the year I’ve had several challenges with my work my moms health my daughter and her challenges with addiction and my marriage. I prayed and asked God to help me find a way to address these issues in the way Ge saw best. God knows the end from the beginning in all of our lives. I reached out to Pastor Andrew for prayer and he has prayed with me and for me and my situation. My mom has stage 2 dementia and gets very angry with herself and at us and it makes the home situation very difficult. She doesn’t get on with my husband and neither does my my daughter. My work is very pressurised and have had a difficult time with the pressures at home. My contract was going to be terminated due to the mandatory vaccination policy and I would be out of work from next month. I’m the only breadwinner of the family and I reached out to God and others for help.
    God came through for me in a mighty way. My mom has been reading her Clear word Bible daily and has brought calm to her mind my daughter has been attending AA meetings and seeking Gods help for strength over her addiction and has met the most amazing person who is very supportive in her overcoming the addiction. God found me a job and I start work from next month all this within a month when I was ready to throw in the towel.
    God has been amazing in my journey and I can bear testimony that He is there for You and we can trust Him in His promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us no matter what we’re going through. Thank You God for answered prayers and coming through for me and my family. Thank you Pastor for yours and your prayer groups prayers, we needed them and they have been answered Praise God.

  2. My son was in need of a job and the prayer team from Alive to God who interceded for my son for a job, received a miracle and breakthrough from God for a job.

  3. It’s such a wonderful thing to check your emails each morning and read rhe word from alive to God each day. I’ve been through a very rough patch after having covid last year. The messages each morning have been my source of strength getting me through each day. I thought I was going to lose everything I’ve worked so hard for in a battle that took almost a year but God came through for me. I requested prayer from Pastor Andrew and his team and they continued to intercede on my behalf until I received the outcome that everything was fine. Pastor Andrew continued to encourage me in my time of need. All I can say is Glory to God. All praises, glory and honor to our miracle working God. Thank so much Pastor Andrew to you and your team of prayer warriors who so unselfishly gave up your time to pray for me. Keep up the good work. I’m here to say that it doesn’t matter how tough things get, prayer changes things. When two or three agree as touching one thing, it is so on earth as in heaven. May God bless you Pastor Andrew and your team. May you grow from strength to strength in God’s work. I don’t have enough words to thank you for the impact you’ve had on life. Thank you so much. Thank you for being obedient to God. Thank you…

  4. Pastor Andrew, I thank you for your prayers. I was ill for 3 weeks and struggled with my breathing. I now have scars on my lungs, but am much better and am back at work with His grace. God is good, He answers prayers.
    Blessings to you and your ministry and the work you do.

  5. Kogie Rangasamy

    It all began on the 01st of August 2021 when my boss was taken ill and later diagnosed with COVID. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it through and succumbed on the 09th of August. In the meantime, my colleague and I were not surprised when our results came back positive. Despite all the necessary precautions we took, we were not spared by this virus. We quarantined for the next 10 days taking all the medications that was prescribed.
    However, 10 days after Doc had passed away, my health began to detoriate. Although my oxygen levels were dropping, I did not have any problems with my breathing but was very weak and listless. On Thursday 19th of August, I was admitted to hospital in a critical state and subsequently diagnosed with the dreaded COVID PNEUMONIA.
    On arrival at the hospital, I was put onto oxygen and wheeled to the ICU ward. I remember very little of the next few days as it passed in a shadowed haze. My children were called in, fearful of the worst but I don’t remember seeing them as often as they had come.
    My first morning, I awoke to the swishing sound of my curtains being drawn. Through the little gap amidst my growing fears of apprehension and the movement of shadows, I saw the patient on the next bed being taken away in a black bag and it dawned on me that he had died during the night further magnifying my fears.
    I had never feared the virus and thoughts of death had never crossed my mind before this. I had no sense of time or day. I remember telling God that if I come out of this then I have a story to tell but if I don’t then my situation was solely in HIS HANDS.
    Having the oxygen mask was necessary but the thirst and bone-dry feeling in my mouth was unbearable. I sometimes pleaded for just sips of water to get some reprieve. I had never felt so helpless and desperate before. Then one night, the sister on night duty, purchased a bottle of water and personally handed it to me. I was so overjoyed because now there was no need to keep asking for water and I could finally offer myself some semblance of self-dignity. I thanked her profusely and once again thanked the Lord for His gracious kindness to the world by blessing us with people like her. Thereafter I had a couple of sips of water and kept the bottle close to my heart in the crux of my arm and drifted off to sleep.
    Around 2 a.m. that morning, I was told that I was literally in the palm of death and doctors called my son in Cape Town to seek his permission to put me onto the ventilator immediately or else they would certainly lose me. My son was understandably stressed and traumatized, not knowing what to do. I had mentioned to him earlier that I didn’t want to be admitted to hospital and become dependent on the ventilator knowing that from there on there were hardly any survivors due to the severity of the virus and the pneumonia.
    I was heavily sedated and put onto life support. My body functions had to be shut down to limit body activity for the ventilator to work successfully. In my comatose state, I remember lying on a pure white surface that looked like snow, but it was not cold at all. It appeared as if heaven’s pearly gates were welcoming me to its arms. Despite my trepidations, my surrounding was filled with peace and tranquillity. I was alone but I had no fear at all. After what seemed to be an eternity the faces of my loved ones fleeted through my mind. Moments with friends, family and acquaintances which had before seemed so trivial and unimportant in my journey of life, now reminding me of simple precious things I had overlooked and taken for granted.
    Sadly, I cannot possibly begin to share everything or truly put into words the intense feelings I had experienced, except to attempt to highlight but a few that could hopefully resonate with you. I pray that you will always be thankful for the precious treasures that you have and allow the Spirit of God to be the guiding light that ministers to your hearts.
    Once on life support, doctors had very little hope and they informed my children that my chances of survival were very slim because the virus had spread covering both my lungs almost entirely showing its full force.
    It was about 3 weeks after my being on the ventilator, I remember it was the 12th of September, when my eyes opened to the hospital ICU ward. I was very disorientated, trying to gather my thoughts around me. Immediately after I awoke, the first thing that came to my mind was the question of my love for God. WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE GOD’S UNMERITED FAVOUR AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE THAT HE SAW IT FIT TO BRING ME BACK? I fail God every single day of my life, yet He loves me with a pure love that only He can give, which is indescribable and without conditions.
    The doctors and nurses on duty were extremely excited to see that I had woken up but not as thankful as I to have been blessed to see thee the world once more. I could hear them talking amongst themselves and some of them came to me and said that I must thank my God for bringing me out of this alive. They said that I had come a long way of which I had no doubt. Doctors told me that I was one in a million because at that point in time recovering from the ventilator was slim to none.
    I was taken off the ventilator but was still on high levels of oxygen. It felt as though I was breathing for 2 people whilst on the ventilator, which was a little uncomfortable. One morning during my routine bath, I was having difficulty with breathing. I could feel the phlegm in my chest bubbling up and obstructing air from getting into my lungs. Nurses surrounded my bed to assist. I felt my chest shut down for a split second and I thought that my fate had run its course, and this was probably the end. Thank God for their medical expertise that helped me breathe again and their sigh of relief was mirrored by mine. It took me at least a week to recover from this incident.

     Then one morning, after a very peaceful night’s rest, I awoke with an amazing feeling as if feathers were on both sides of my face. The warmth and comfort of these feathers was extremely incredible. Immediately my thoughts lead me to Psalms 91 vs 4 – “I WILL COVER YOU WITH MY FEATHERS AND UNDER MY WINGS YOU WILL FIND REFUGE”. What an awesome promise that is!!

     Yet another morning, I saw this absolutely beautiful pink and orangish, shiny veil over me. The radiance and warmth of this veil was so overwhelming that I wish I didn’t have to wake up from it.

     The last and most profound vision I had was that of the promise of God that was written in fine red print – “THIS FIGHT IS FINALLY OVER”.
    By now I’ve had physio twice a day for a while, but I still could not sit or stand by myself. My feet felt so heavy that I couldn’t pick them up. My fingers were so stiff that I couldn’t make a fist. I was helpless once again laying there waiting for someone to assist with everything. Every single movement was an agonizing effort.
    In the days that followed, I watched people all around me die. They come in talking and being able to eat and within a few days their health begins to detoriate as if in a blink of an eye. It was heart-breaking to hear them cry out in their weak and feeble voice for water. Then sometime later the curtains would close and re-open and you would be left with the sight of an empty bed with only a memory of a soul that was there no more. Many fell during my time in ICU. Then again, I was reminded of Psalms 91 vs 7 Ä THOUSAND MAY FALL AT YOUR SIDE, THEN THOUSAND AT YOUR RIGHT HAND, BUT IT WILL NOT COME NEAR YOU”. That strengthened my faith and trust in God even more and I knew that He was always with me, and I was surely never alone.
    My struggles were many, but I remained determined to get well and come home. I knew for sure that the road ahead was not going to be easy. I spent 47 days in ICU and finally it was time to be transferred to general ward. I spent my last 10 days here before my discharge from hospital on my 63rd birthday, I was still unable to sit or stand on my own and that was stressing me out. Doctors said that due to the length of time that I had been in bed, it would take me at least 4 to 6 months before I would walk again. Well, I was simply not prepared to accept that. I reminded God of the paralytic man who did not get medical treatment nor physiotherapy but was healed by the Lord Jesus Christ. I challenged God to just speak the word and I will be back on my feet in one month. Amazingly, on the 12th of November, being just within a month, I started to walk without the support of the walker. Indeed, what an awesome God we serve!! He never ceases to amaze us with His Promised Word, His Supernatural Power and Never-Ending Favour. From then onwards, thankfully my health progressed tremendously and here I am standing before you.

    I have experienced weight loss, regrowth of my nails, loss of hair, and shedding of skin. I am not as quick and fast moving as I used to be and considering the aftereffects of COVID, it is a small price to pay for the GIFT of LIFE. Most importantly I had my sanity intact. Doctors were amazed at my determination and bravery during this fight. One thing I am certain, and can assure you of, is that God was with me every step of the way and He still is until this very day. I know for a fact that the medical team that worked with me during the entire time was truly ordained by God Himself. Sometimes I can still hear their cries for water and their families crying out to God. Covid has made people forget who they are in Christ. Instead of drawing closer to God they just curled up in fear of their lives. Don’t wait for someone to leave this earth and then wish you told them that you loved them. It will be too late; they won’t hear you nor see your tears.
    Yes, I have come a long way from staring death in the face to my miraculous recovery. I am nothing less than a Miracle and God has proven once again that He alone holds the breath of life in His Mighty Hands. It is truly not over until he says it’s over. I know for sure that God is not done with my story yet and He alone has the final say.
    in closing, I want to humbly thank God from the depths of my heart and give Him the glory for what He has done and continues to do for me. I thank Him for breathing Life into me when I couldn’t breathe on my own. I thank Him for Life when I was certain I had none. I thank Him for His Infallible Word, His Unconditional Love and Never-Failing Promises. God is still in the business of performing Miracles. After all He is a Covenant Keeping God.
    I also wish to sincerely extend my humble thanks and heartfelt gratitude to every single person, especially my families, friends and not forgetting my neighbours that stood in the gap fervently interceding on my behalf, when I could not during my battle between Life and Death. I have learnt that 100’s if not 1000’s all over Umzinto, Scottburgh, Johannesburg, Cape Town and even India called on God. Here I stand before you and the world declaring that without a shadow of doubt that God still answers prayer. He continues to answer mine and I’m sure that He can do the same for you.
    The Psalms which I hid in my heart, especially Psalm 23 and 91, became a living reality when I was unable to speak for myself. I trust that you have been blessed and inspired by my story and it gives you HOPE for your own. Remember there is no hope nor peace in this world but in Christ alone.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, it is heart-warming – we do serve a mighty God!

  6. Amen, what a promise from GOD,

    On point 2 where two or three are gathered there HE IS,

    Today I can testify to that, many years ago when my daughter was still a teenager now (35), this scripture came to life for me and her, she was already in the pit, burning and confessing with her mouth ,, GOD send me this scripture to show that HE is, and surely as it is I got in the car late in the night with her and together we rode a few kilometres to my brother’s place and there GOD has already prepared the why for us, my brother could not sleep he was in prayer for a long time and could not understand why, when I knocked on his door, with my daughter (where 2 or 3 are gathered there I AM) we immediately went into to corporate prayer and then HE THAT KEEPS HIS WORD, came and with her own mouth my daughter said that JESUS is here me , mommy HE is washing me with HIS blood, and then she was healed, oh how awesome and wonderful GOD we serve, HE SURELY HONOURS HIS WORD ABOVE HIS NAME, all GLORY TO HIM WHO SITS ON THE THRONE, HE took the time to look at my daughter and with the love HE has for her and my family I know that any problem is not too big for HIM, HALLELUJAH, TO HIM

    Amen and Amen.

  7. Good day saints of the Most High God. I just want to thank Pastor Andrew and team for the prayers. I was off ill last week and am back at work at a 100% of health capacity. May God continue to increase and elevate your ministry as you effect the lives of many more people. Glory to God for staying true to His word!!!

  8. God Did It Again!!!!

    I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Pastor Andrew and the Alive to God prayer team for praying for my daughter who was to seat for her lower secondary exam in April 2022.

    The results came out towards the end of June 2022 and she made us very proud. To God be the glory, honour and praise.

    Pastor Andrew had given her a word to stand with from Jeremiah 33:3 and my daughter told me anytime she would pray that verse she felt the Holy Spirit directing her where to read, to the exact content.

    During exam when she felt stuck she would pray that verse and she would feel directed to the contents to write. We say thank you very much for standing with us and we say thank you very much Lord.

  9. Julian Kenneth Davids:

    Good morning in 1998 8 was diagnosed with colon cancer. After an operation, I had 6 months of chemo And 3months of radiation I had been given 5 years. 2001 had my 1st heart attack and after a week my second then I had my 1st quadruple bypass which was a success. After I got home I got sick with septicemia and was rushed to hospital where they tried to resuscitate me but failed our priest came to do the final rights while he was praying all the machines coupled to me started to work and the medical staff could resuscitate me a week later I thought I was sleeping and dreaming when I was woken by my nurse asking if I was okay I said I was but I had a dream she then told me that for the mopwell till 2007 the cancer was back and after the doctor tried he Decided to help the colon he fitted a colostomy bag to the colon which I wore for one and a half years 2009 it was reversed and they discovered my heart was beating at 20 beats a minute so I had my second quadruple bypass this was another adventure in faith. In 2017 a bull ran into my car why I don’t know. I was so badly injured that one hospital refused me entrance. I was once again resuscitated and was made whole again through prayer and the grace of our savior since then I have had a pacemaker and a few stents inserted and heart ambulation. I am truly grateful that God can use me as his mouthpiece to shout about his Infinite glory. On the 22nd of this month, I will be celebrating my 70th birthday once again through God’s grace and care. I hope I did not overstep my mark please forgive me if I did and thank you for sharing the word with me.

    • We worship a Living Loving miracle creating great God!
      So happy to read the testimony.
      All Glory to Him alone.
      May Gods bless you.
      Each day I see His wondrous hands holding and leading.

    • May God receive all the glory, honour and praise for the miracles of healing in your life Julian. May you be blessed as you celebrate your 70th birthday this month. Happy 70th birthday in advance. God bless you.

  10. Hi Andrew
    I would like to share my testimony I was on the escalator and I asked a lady to excuse me as I wanted to passed her and as I began to pass her,she bumped me and I fell backwards and bang my head all the way down and scraped my back badly I was more concerned about my head and my neck as I have a very bad neck problem but I believe Jesus cushioned me when I fell because I never broke any bones I did have a sore head for a few days and my back was badly scratched People can’t believe I didn’t break any bones Someone said Well you obviously have a lots of work to do for God on this earth I felt that I had to share my miracle with you
    Please put this on your sharing link
    Thank you
    Blessing June Neuhoff

  11. Pastor Andrew thank you and the wonderful team for the very reassuring words every day.
    Our awesome love story started in November 2019 when we met on a Christian Dating site.
    A very long distance relationship started with Benjamin in the USA and I in Australia.
    We gradually got to know each other and after 6 months Benjamin proposed and I said yes.
    I planned and arranged to fly to the USA in August 2020 but Covid had struck and my flight was cancelled.
    I rebooked a flight ✈️ for September 2020 and again it was cancelled a day before I was to fly. I was absolutely distraught.
    However we prevailed and our love 💕 for each other just grew stronger every day.
    We planned to exchange our wedding vows in November 2022.
    However Benjamin’s elder sister became critically ill and international travel had recommenced.
    I booked a flight ✈️ to the USA and arrived on May 22nd.
    Finally we met face to face at the Airport and it was a fairytale meeting with cheering from everyone.
    We then decided to marry as soon as we could and not wait for November.
    OUR ALMIGHTY GOD Is Awesome.
    Without HIS intervention we would still be waiting. We finally exchanged our wedding vows 3 weeks after my arrival.
    We managed to arrange everything from the marriage license to the ceremony and reception in just over 2 weeks.
    We were and will always be surrounded by an amazing congregation and Pastor at Harvest Fellowship.
    The love support warm reception and overwhelming strength we have received has shown us that GOD Alone intervened to make this very special day happen.
    Our Faith continues to grow stronger every day.
    I have returned to Australia after extending my visit by 5 weeks.
    I now await my spousal visa so I can return to be with my husband.
    We humbly request Prayers for this Visa to be granted soon.
    However we have now come to realise that all good comes to pass in GOD’S Time not ours.

  12. Today’s message, 5 September 2022, has really hit home for me!

    Verse: Exodus 14:14

    ‘The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.’

    – Some battles are not ours to fight.
    – Some things we have to leave in His hands and He will sort them out.
    – If the Lord commands the wind and waves, He can surely save you.
    – So rest assured in His power and in His love for you.

    I have been going through major depression and have been dismissed from my job for not agreeing with Senior Management, and several other issues.

    Thank you for todays message.

    I shall be leaving everything in our Lord’s Hands.

  13. Good morning Pastor Roebert

    I have so much joy in my heart this morning and I firstly want to thank you and all the intercessors who have prayed for me and my husband for a financial breakthrough YES GLORY TO OUR GOD! We received a telephone call from the mechanic that worked on our car informing us that God speak to him (this mechanic we know for very long and he is also a child of God) and that he should not change us anything for the work done on our car – I have to say I was in tears of joy (in shock) at first but then once again realised that God says – What I have in store for you the eye have not seen and me and Chirsto are embracing God’s mercy, grace and His Love and abondance towards us. We were singing songs of joy while we went through this dessert time but I eyes were focused on our precious Lord Jesus.

    Thank you for all the prayers I do believe that each one of you and your intercessors defeated the Devil and I just want to share this wonderful testimony with you this morning as God says in Psalm 50:15 As a further duty; thou shalt give me the glory of thy deliverance by praising me for it, and improving it to my service and glory

    May God’s mercy, abundance, grace be with you and the work you are doing.

    Jesus love


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