Over the years we have received many wonderful testimonies of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness in the lives of our subscribers.

Please leave a comment below if you would like to share yours.

5 thoughts on “Testimonies

  1. God has been very good to me in the sense that I have had a water bill for two months in a row which is twice my normal amount.My brother offered to pay the first months Bill ,Thank God and then the following month,same story,but ived decided to make a small loan to settle that debt. I was asked to host a table for a fund raiser event at a Hightea on the 24th September and although I had almost no cash to provide the eats and décor that’s required for this event, I willingly agreed to help my friend out in doing so.Amazingly somany people offered eats towards my hightea table and basically everything I needed ive been given by colleagues and friends. On that day out of 20 tables , My name was called out for the BEST TABLE and I WON R5000.Talk about ”favour” I want to give God all the Glory and Honor for this.I cannot explain to you how I felt at that very moment ,because somany thoughts rushed through my mind, the goodness and favour of God , the fact that I believe God knows my heart and my needs,the fact that God came through for me at my time of need ,just made me very emotional .

  2. I can feel the power of Holy Ghost since you pray with me. All darkness that has surrounded me start to disappear

  3. WOW

    God is a faithful God. He plans everything according to our needs .

    My home had become a battlefield between me and my Son for so long and it was hard for us to communicate.

    I am in the process of reading the New Testament Year plan called Outreach new Testament with a couple of colleagues at work. It so happened that on Tuesday we read Matthew 17. Jesus telling his disciples that some kind of affliction cannot cast except by fasting and prayer.

    I decided to Fast yesterday Wednesday and I prayed and I prayed and I trusted God . When I got home I went into my room and I closed the door and I challenged the devil and I made my room a battlefield .

    At that moment God also prompted a Pastor friend outside the country send a voice note prayer praying for my Son.

    I then left for Life group.

    When I got back home my Son had called his friend to mediate between us and we sat and we talked and issues that were dating back to when he was 10 years old surfaced.

    We talked , we healed

    We slept at 2 am this morning.

    And then your word Psalms 46 vs 9 ……………………HE CAUSES WARS TO END………….

    I DECLARE AND DECREE THAT MY HOME IS NOW A HOUSE OF PEACE. The war is over. I thank God for healing .


  4. Thank you Pastor

    Through your daily guidance I have come to know the Lord in a very special way.
    Today I was as delivr d from something beyond human understanding and d flared free, I am free indeed
    Praise Our Almighty God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit whom have carried me over almost a year

    Thank you and Bless your work and you and your family

    Peter Huysamen

  5. Harry:
    Hi Andrew. I’ll make it as short as possible. A lady on Facebook invite me to whattsapp. She was raped by a police reservist and are HIV positive. She got engaged and she were honest about it. He accepted it. Later he started abusing her, made her drunk and raped her again. He were a alcoholic. After months of prayers, on a Sunday after church she texted me. He asked her to buy him his own bible as he is English. She bought a bible and his life changed. Prayers is when we talk to God, to read the Bible, God talks to us.
    Thank you.

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