Thought for today



Psalm 33:20

‘We depend upon the Lord alone to save us. Only He can help us; He protects us like a shield.’

  • God wants to preserve you and keep you.
  • He does this because He has plans for your continued purpose.
  • Depend on the Lord ALONE to save you.
  • Run to Him for all the help you need.

Prayer: Lord, You are my Saviour and my Lord. I place my complete confidence and hope in You and in You alone. Amen.


Psalm 33:20

‘Ons siel wag op die HERE; Hy is ons hulp en ons skild;’

  • God wil jou beskerm en veilig hou.
  • Hy doen dit omdat Hy planne vir jou voorgesette doel het.
  • Vertrou SLEGS op die Here om jou te red.
  • Gaan na Hom toe vir al die hulp wat jy nodig het.

Gebed: Vader, U is my Verlosser en my Here. Ek plaas al my vertroue en hoop op U en op U alleen. Amen.


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