Thought for today



Psalm 44:26

‘Rise up, O Lord, and come and help us. Save us by your constant love.’

  • God wants to come through for us – to do what is needed or expected.
  • Do you need that saving power today?
  • The Lord wants to do all this for you.
  • Whatever your situation, know that He will do these things for you.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for Your constant and on-going love for me. Your love for me makes the knowledge that You will help me a living reality in my life today.  Amen.


Psalm 44:27

Staan op tot ons hulp en verlos ons om u goedertierenheid ontwil!’

  • God wil daar wees vir ons – Hy wil doen wat nodig of verwag word.
  • Het jy vandag daardie reddende krag nodig?
  • Die Here wil dit alles vir jou doen.
  • Wat jou situasie ookal is, weet dat Hy hierdie dinge vir jou sal doen.

Gebed: Vader, dankie vir U konstante en voortdurende liefde vir my.  U liefde vir my bevestig vandag vir my dat U hulp ‘n werklikheid in my lewe is.  Amen.


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