Thought for today




Ephesians 1:7

‘He is so rich in kindness and grace that He purchased our freedom with the blood of His Son and forgave our sins.’

  •  As children of God, the price for our sins has been paid.
  • We have been washed by His blood and we are redeemed.
  • He has forgiven us our sins and trespasses.
  • He has made freedom available to each of us.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for all that You have done for me. Thank You for saving me. Thank You for setting me free and thank You for forgiving me. Amen.


Efésiërs 1:7

‘In Hom het ons die verlossing deur sy bloed, die vergifnis van die misdade na die rykdom van sy genade.’

  •  As kinders van God is die prys vir ons sondes alreeds betaal.
  • Ons is deur Sy bloed gewas en ons is verlos.
  • Hy het ons sondes en oortredings vergewe.
  • Hy het vryheid vir elkeen van ons beskikbaar gemaak.

Gebed: Here, dankie vir alles wat U vir my gedoen het. Dankie dat U my gered het. Dankie dat U my vrygemaak het en dankie dat U my vergewe het. Amen.



以弗所书 1:7


  •  当上帝的儿女,我们的罪价已付了。
  • 我们被祂的宝血洗净, 我们已被赎回
  • 祂已宽恕我们的罪和过犯
  • 祂已让我们每个人得着自由

祷告: 主啊! 感谢您为我所做的一切。感谢您救赎我。 感谢您让我得着自由, 感谢您宽恕我。 阿们


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