Thought for today



Isaiah 40:31

‘Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.’

  •  As we hope and trust in God something miraculous takes place.
  • In the process our strength gets renewed.
  • When we know His strength in our lives we can walk, run and soar.
  • Let us tap into His strength and life today.

Prayer: Lord, I consciously and deliberately place my trust and hope in You right now. Cause me to walk, run and soar as I am carried and enabled by Your strength. Amen.


Jesaja 40:31

‘maar die wat op die Here wag, kry nuwe krag; hulle vaar op met vleuels soos die arende; hulle hardloop en word nie moeg nie, hulle wandel en word nie mat nie.’

  •  Terwyl ons hoop en vertrou op God gebeur iets merkwaardig.
  • In die proses word ons krag hernu.
  • Wanneer ons Sy krag in ons lewens ken, kan ons loop, hardloop en vlieg.
  • Kom ons tap vandag in Sy krag en lewe in.

Gebed: Vader, Ek plaas nou dadelik en doelbewus my vertroue en hoop in U. Laat my wandel, hardloop en vlieg terwyl ek deur U krag gedra en bekwaam gemaak word. Amen.


以赛亚书 40:31


  •  当我们将希望及信任放在上帝里,一些奇迹般的事物就发生
  • 在过程中我们的力量得到更新
  • 当我们知道祂的力量在我们的生命里而使我们能行走,奔跑甚至翱翔
  • 让我们今天踏入祂的能力和生命中


祷告: 主啊,现在我意识和执意的将我的信任及希望放在您里面。当我带着您的能力时而使我能行走,奔跑及翱翔。阿们


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