Alive To God – Daily Thought



Acts 11:15

‘As I began to speak,’ Peter continued, ’the Holy Spirit fell on them, just as He fell on us at the beginning.’

  •  The Lord sent His Holy Spirit to be with you continually.
  • His Spirit fell on people in the Bible and you can know the same thing.
  • His Spirit makes all the difference in our daily lives.
  • So ask Him to fill you with His precious Holy Spirit.

Prayer: Lord, just as Your Holy Spirit came on people in the early church, I pray that Your Spirit will fall upon me and transform my life. Amen


Handelinge 11:15

En toe ek begin spreek, het die Heilige Gees op hulle geval soos ook op ons in die begin.’

  • Die Here het sy Heilige Gees gestuur om voortdurend met jou te wees.
  • Sy Gees het op mense in die Bybel geval en jy kan dieselfde ken.
  • Sy Gees maak die groot verskil in ons daaglikse lewens.
  • Vra Hom dus om jou met sy kosbare Heilige Gees te vul.

Gebed: Vader, net soos wat U Heilige Gees op mense in die vroeë kerk geval het, bid ek dat U Gees op my sal val en my lewe totaal vervorm. Amen


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