Alive To God – Daily Thought



Psalm 23:1

‘The LORD is my shepherd; I have all that I need.’

  • The Lord is your source.
  • He is the giver of every good and perfect gift.
  • We should recognise and understand Who our source is.
  • If we have Him in our lives, then we have everything we need.

Prayer: Lord, I recognise and believe that You are my source. I look to You for all my needs, knowing that You can and will supply my needs. Amen.


Psalm 23:1

‘Die HERE is my herder; niks sal my ontbreek nie.’

  • Die Here is jou bron.
  • Hy is die gewer van elke goeie en perfekte gawe.
  • Ons moet erken en verstaan wie ons bron is.
  • As ons Hom in ons lewens het, het ons alles wat ons nodig het.

Gebed: Vader, ek erken en glo at U my bron is. Ek vertrou op U vir all my behoeftes, wetende dat U kan en sal al my behoeftes voorsien. Amen.



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