Alive To God – Daily Thought



Matthew 1:23

‘…and they shall call His name Emmanuel – which, when translated, means, God with us.’

  • The greatest joy that humanity can know is the knowledge that God is with us.
  • This fact changes the very dynamic of our lives.
  • You are not alone and you do not need to make it on your own.
  • He is with you and His name, Emmanuel, is the guarantee, regardless of your situation.

Prayer: Lord, what a joy it is to know that You are with me. Right now, in this very moment, at this point in my life, regardless of my circumstances, You are with me and I am not alone. Amen.


Matthéüs 1:23

‘…, en hulle sal Hom Emmànuel noem, dit is, as dit vertaal word : God met ons.’

  • Die mensdom se grootste vreugde is om te weet dat God met ons is.
  • Hierdie feit verander die dinamika van ons lewens.
  • Jy is nie alleen nie en jy hoef nie alleen deur die lewe te sukkel nie.
  • Hy is met jou en Sy naam, Emmànuel, is die waarborg tenspyte van jou situasie.

Gebed: Vader, dit is so ‘n groot vreugde om te weet dat U met my is. U is nou, op die oomblik, by hierdie tydstip in my lewe, tenspyte van my omstandighede, met my en ek is nie alleen nie. Amen.


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