Thought for today



Ephesians 5:18

‘…be filled with the Holy Spirit…’

  • We were designed to live life filled and empowered by His Spirit
  • We were not meant to run on our own strength.
  • Let Him come and fill you afresh today.
  • Receive afresh infilling and be strengthened.

Prayer: Lord, I pray that You will come by Your Spirit and fill me anew. May I not operate in my own ability but may I operate in Your power and strength Amen.


Efésiërs 5:18

‘…..; maar word met die Gees vervul.’

  • Ons is ontwerp om te lewe gevul en bekragtig deur Sy Gees.
  • Ons was nie bedoel om in ons eie krag te bestaan nie.
  • Laat Hom kom en jou vandag opnuut vervul.
  • Word weer opnuut vervul en wees bekragtig.

Gebed: Vader, Ek bid dat U Gees sal kom en my nuut vervul. Mag ek nie in my eie vermoë opereer nie maar mag ek in U krag bestaan. Amen.


Efesios 5:18

“….sean llenos del Espíritu.”

  • Hemos sido diseñados para vivir una vida llena y con el poder de Su Espíritu.                                                                                                          –
  • No se supone que hagamos las cosas con nuestras propias fuerzas.
  • Deja que Él venga y te llene otra vez hoy.
  • Recibe una recarga y sé fortalecido.

Oración: Señor, oro para que Tú vengas con tu Espíritu y me recargues totalmente. Que yo no opere con mis propias habilidades, sino con Tu poder y fuerza. Amén.


以弗所书 5:18


  • 我们被设计为过着被祂的圣灵充满加增的生命
  • 我们不是靠自己的力量奔跑
  • 让祂今天就来充满更新你
  • 接受更新填满和巩固。

祷告: 主啊, 我祷告您到来,我被您的圣灵重新充满。愿我不靠自己的能力做事,而愿我在您的全能中运转。阿们


3 Responses to “Thought for today”

  1. Lulama Ngam Says:


    Kind regards

    Lulama Ngam

    Frontline Administrator and Biometric consultant

    Bitmap in PA 21 years

    Personnel Avenue

    Tel: 011 849-8818

    Fax: 011 849-8817

    Fax 2 mail: 086 6954 719

  2. Estie Postumus Says:

    Good day

    Is it not possible to receive the word for today earlier please?

    I spread the word to an additional 30 people on WhatsApp every morning at 5H00.

    Thank you for your encouragement daily. God Bless.

    Kind Regards

    074 724 5743 cell
    086 535 9262 fax
    Field Manager
    Danone Premier division.

    • Alive to God Says:

      Hi Estie,

      We are glad that the Word means so much to you and that you share it with others. Unfortunately we cannot send it that early. You are welcome to find the Word of the day on the website at It should be ready from the previous night for the next day.

      Trust this will help you.
      Kindest blessings,


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