Thought for today



Matthew 6:13

‘Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.’

  • The Lord wants to set us free and release us from things that have a hold on us.
  • He wants to liberate us from things that are more than we can handle.
  • He wants to be your Deliverer.
  • He will deliver you from the evil one and set you free.

Prayer: Lord, You are my Deliverer. I pray that You will bring freedom and release into those areas where the evil one has hindered and bound me. Amen.


Matthéṻs 6:13

en lei ons nie in versoeking nie, maar verlos ons van die bose.’

  • Die Here wil ons vry maak van die dinge wat ‘n houvas op ons het.
  • Hy wil ons vry maak van die dinge wat vir ons te moeilik is om te hanteer.
  • Hy wil ons Verlosser wees.
  • Hy sal jou van die bose verlos en jou vry maak.

Gebed: Vader, U is my Verlosser. Ek bid dat U vir my vryheid sal bring in daardie areas waarin die bose my hinder en gebonde hou. Amen.


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