Thought for today

Be encouraged because the Lord loves to save His people.

Be encouraged because the Lord loves to save His people.


Zechariah 9:16

‘The LORD their God will save His people on that day as a shepherd saves His flock. They will sparkle in His land like jewels in a crown.’

–  Be encouraged because the Lord loves to save His people.
–  He cares for you like a shepherd cares for his flock.
–  When He saves us He wants to help, deliver and give us the victory.
–  You have a bright and shining future in God.

Prayer: Lord, come and save me now I pray. Rescue, help, deliver and bring me to a place of victory. Amen.


Sagaria 9:16

‘En die HERE hulle God sal hulle in dié dag verlos as die kudde wat sy volk is; want hulle is kroongesteentes wat skitterend verhef oor sy land.’

–  Wees aangemoedig want die Here skep behae daarin om Sy volk te red.
–  Hy sien na jou om soos wat ‘n herder na sy kudde omsien.
–  Wanneer Hy ons red wil Hy help, verlos en vir ons die oorwinning gee.
–  Jy het ‘n helder, blink toekoms in God.

Gebed: Here, ek bid dat U nou vir my sal kom red. Red, help, verlos en bring my by ‘n plek van oorwinning. Amen.


Zechariah 9:16

‘Ary hovonjen’I Jehovah Andriamaniny ireny amin’izany andro izany Toy ny olona izay ondriny; Fa ho toy ny vaton-tsatro-boninahitra mamirapiratra eny amin’ny taniny ireny.’

–  Mahereza fa Andriamanitra dia mamonjy ny olony.
–  Tena mihevitra sy tena mikarakara anao Izy tahaka ny mpiandry sy mpitandrina ny ondriny.
–  Rehefa mamonjy antsika Izy , dia tiany isika ampiana, avotany, afahany, ary omeny fandresena .
–  Manana hoavy mamiratra sy azo antoka ianao ao amin’Andriamanitra.

Vavaka: Tompo Andriamanitra ô, tongava Tompo ô, avia, vonjeo aho. Avoty, ampio, afaho aho ary ento any amin’ilay toeram-pandresena aho.Amen.


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