Alive To God – Daily Thought



Psalm 30:5

‘…His favour lasts a lifetime…’

  • His love, kindness, goodwill and favour does not come and go.
  • His favour is not for a moment here and there in our lives.
  • His blessing and favour endures and knows no end.
  • Each day His mercies and faithfulness are available to us anew.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for Your favour and kindness towards me and my family. Help me to realise that this wonderful aspect of Your character is something I can depend on and something I can build my future on. Amen.


Psalm 30:6

‘…, ‘n lewe in sy goedgunstigheid; …’

  • Sy liefde, goedheid, goedgunstigheid en guns is nie wispelturig nie.
  • Sy guns is nie net nou en dan in ons lewens nie.
  • Sy seën en guns is vir ewig en ken geen einde nie.
  • Sy genade en getrouheid is elke dag opnuut vir ons beskikbaar.

Gebed: Vader, dankie vir U guns en goedheid teenoor my en my familie. Help my om te begryp dat hierdie wonderlike aspek van U karakter iets is waarop ek kan reken en iets is waarop ek my toekoms kan bou. Amen.


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