Alive To God – Daily Thought


Psalm 27:14

‘Don’t be impatient. Wait for the Lord, and He will come and save you!’

  • To save means to snatch us back from harm and danger.
  • To save also means to preserve and guard our lives.
  • These are things that the Lord wants to do for you.
  • Don’t get impatient, persevere and don’t give up on the Lord.

Prayer: Lord, forgive me for the fact that sometimes I do get impatient. I know that Your timing is always perfect and so I choose to simply trust Your word, knowing that You will save me. Amen.


Psalm 27:14

‘Wag op die Here! Wees sterk en laat jou hart sterk wees! Ja, wag op die HERE!

  • Om te red beteken dat ons weg geraap word van skade en gevaar.
  • Om te red beteken ook dat ons lewens bewaar en beskerm sal word.
  • Hierdie is dinge wat die Here vir jou wil doen.
  • Moenie ongeduldig raak nie, volhard en moenie aan die Here twyfel nie.

Gebed: Vader, vergewe my dat ek soms ongeduldig raak. Ek weet dat U tydsberekening altyd volmaak is so ek kies om U woord eenvoudig net te vertrou, wetende dat U my sal red. Amen.


Salmo 27:14

“Pon tu esperanza en el Señor; ten valor, cobra ánimo; ¡pon tu esperanza en el Señor!”

  • Ser salvado significa ser rescatado del peligro.
  • Ser salvado también significa ser preservado y que nos salva la vida.
  • Estas son cosas que el Señor quiere hacer por nosotros.
  • No seas impaciente, persevera y no te rindas con el Señor.

Oración: Señor, perdóname porque algunas veces me pongo impaciente. Sé que tu tiempo es perfecto y así, elijo simplemente confiar en Tu palabra., sabiendo que Tú me rescatarás. Amén.

One thought on “Alive To God – Daily Thought

  1. I have to comment…. For exactly 30 years since I was Born Again I have been Isaiah 40:31 “Waiting” (Not just waiting but WAITING!) on the Lord! And Lord please Give me Patience but hurry up, wore out a lonnnnng time ago. But God has just Released me after all this time to be part of a Ministry for Him until His Dissension or my Ascension!

    Bless you and yours for being in the Spirit with such a timely Word just for me…. After the fact!


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