Alive To God – Daily Thought


Psalms 36:5

‘Your steadfast love, O LORD, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.’

  • There is no limit to His faithfulness.
  • As clouds tower high above the earth, so His faithfulness towers over you.
  • In addition we have the wonderful knowledge of His enduring love.
  • May His steadfast love and towering faithfulness surround you!

Prayer: Lord, I receive Your steadfast love for me afresh today. I recognise that You are truly faithful and I look forward to the fact that I can expected Your great faithfulness to continue in my life. Amen.


Psalms 36:5

‘o HERE, u goedertierenheid is tot in die hemele, u trou tot in die wolke.’

  • Daar is geen einde aan Sy getrouheid nie.
  • Soos wat die wolke hoog bokant die aarde toring, so toring Sy getrouheid oor jou.
  • Boonop het ons die wonderlike kennis van Sy ewigdurende liefde.
  • Mag Sy standvastige liefde en sy toring van getrouheid jou omring!

Gebed: Vader, ek ontvang vandag weereens U standvastige liefde. Ek herken dat U waarlik getrou is en ek sien uit na die feit dat ek kan verwag dat U groot getrouheid in my lewe sal aanhou. Amen.


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